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On behalf of the staff at Our Pets Our Family, 


We are honored to pay respect to our beloved animal companions who have shared our lives, loved us unconditionally, and have now transitioned on.  We welcome you to create a lasting tribute for your beloved pet on our website's Pet Memorial page. Please feel free to complete the following Pet Memorial Form in Adobe Acrobat format, which requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Pet's Prayer

Lord thank you for the family you gave me

I hope I brought joy to their hearts and many smiles on their faces

They loved me the moment I came home until I took my last breath

I may have left a few paw prints and hair around the house so they will remember me.

Let them not be sad too long but let them know that they are the BEST FAMILY ever


Dr Inniss (2015)



Duke & Dr Inniss

Duke you taught me patience and fearlessness. You were my inspiration


Chico you were my constant companion who shared the ups and downs of life. You enjoyed going to the groomer, dressing up and riding along ;you didn't care if we were going to the gas station or travelling across the country. 


Bella S 

A very shy, sweet petite girl, Bella has been a wonderful companion to her family. She was very content around her family, so it was a heartbreaking time to say goodbye to this little princess. Bella you are sorely missed.


Stella D (2005-7/26/2019)  

 Sophie D (2004-12/28/2019)


The girls Stella & Sophie were together all their lives, they enjoyed each other's company.  Relaxing in front of a cozy fire was not unusual and keeping a close eye on what's going on around them was normal. In July, 2019 the family said goodbye to Stella.  Sophie had to adjust to not having her sister around; even though she had her younger sister, it was not the same. She was a very stoic girl and faced her challenges without a whimper. On 12/28/2019, her family knew it as time to let her go and rejoin her sister, Stella. These strong, loving, loyal girls will be loved and missed forever.


Phoenix H ( 10/2006- 12/17/2019)

This young lady loved parties especially her birthday party, where she could be the center of attention. She faced health challenges early in her life and overcame them with the loving care of her family. She was happy, focused and loving; she enjoyed time with her family. It was hard to say goodbye however they knew that her new challenge could not be fixed. Phoenix you will always be the center of attention, you are forever loved!!


Poops H ( 1999-12/26/2019)


 A confident, self assured, gentleman, Poops was determined to walk over to his water dish have a sip, even though his body was weakened. He was that kind of guy. His family knew that had the day would be a difficult day to say goodbye to their beloved boy; he was a big part of the family. Poops fell asleep quietly on his pillow. You were the best and you are missed!!


Bella P (1999-12/26/19)

 Small in stature, but big in personality, Bella has been the Queen of her home for many years. Needless to say it was not easy for her family to say goodbye, however they loved her enough to let her go...... you will always be here in our hearts, Bella.


Buddyman L ( 2001-2019)

Buddyman,was self assured, confident and independent; his loving nature was easy to see. It was with a heavy heart on Dec 5, 2019 that his mom said goodbye to her handsome boy. You are missed Buddyman !!!


Sawyer  & Finn (2002-2019)

 Sawyer & Finn were siblings. In July, the family said goodbye to their beloved Sawyer and it seems as though Finn was never the same without his long time companion. As the months passed Finn's health started to decline and on 12/3/19 he was reunited with his brother Sawyer. The brothers, Sawyer & Finn are sorely missed and will be forever in our hearts.


Suzi N ( 8/7/2005- 9/25/2019 )


Suzi a loving, gentle lady brought much happiness to her family; she was surrounded with love her entire life and on 9/25/2019 it was no different she was  surrounded by her family who loved her unconditionally. Suzi will be in our hearts forever. 


Angus S ( 2007-2019)

This loyal young man knew how much he was loved by his family. They were dedicated to his well being from the moment he came home; Late evening on November 25th, 2019 his family said goodbye to their beloved companion, Angus. His family summed it up this way  ' Angus left an empty place in our hearts'


Taz M. (2006- 11/2/2019)

 Quiet and cuddly, Taz loved his family but he was a mama's boy. When they were not spending quality time together he enjoyed his power naps. Small in stature but big with love he was the perfect companion. Taz, we love you; you are missed and you will forever be a part of our family.


Mr. Beardsley K (2000-2019)


Mr. Beardsley enjoyed a happy, exciting life surrounded with love from from his family. He enjoyed playing in the snow and cuddling up under the blankets. On 10/12/19 his entire family, including his longtime friend, the family kitty, surrounded his bed and loved him as they have done over the years as they said their goodbyes to their beloved companion.  You are missed,  Mr. Beardsley!!


Sophie & Duncan R (Best friends forever)


Duncan ( Weimaraner) & Sophie (Chocolate lab) shared their home and were best friends for many, many years. Early 2019 Duncan's health declined and his family said their goodbyes to their handsome boy on February 18th, 2019. As the months passed Sophie's health waned; her family knew she no longer enjoyed many of the things she cared for and they did not want to see her suffer. With heavy hearts they said their goodbyes eight months later on  October 15th, 2019, to their beautiful Sophie. Duncan & Sophie you are sorely missed however we are glad you are together again. 


Newt R ( 2005- 9/12/2019)

Mach 10

Over the years this young lady has been a super athlete, winning many competitions and gaining many ribbons. Newt wore her ribbons proudly. She retired after achieving Mach 10. She was known as 'Newt, The Wonder Dog'. Beside competing she loved being photographed. She was truly a wonderful, loving companion and will be sorely missed by her family, and many friends.  



Mya R  (2004-2019)

This pretty lady was a loving gentle soul. You could usually find Mya in one of her favorite spots; her 'window seat' where she had a good view of what was going on in her front yard. Mya loved her family she brought them much joy  and it was a very sad day when they said goodbye to their pretty Mya. 



Gidget C

Gidget, a very sweet, loving companion left a huge void in her home on August 5th 2019. Such a gentle, loving soul....Gidget you are missed sooooo much !!!!!



Andre J (2010-2019)

Andre loved the world and believed everyone loved him; He brought joy to our lives and he will be with us forever.


Jasmine & Angel B

 These two beautiful girls, Jasmine  & Angel, were together for a long time. Angel was the older of the two; they loved each other and respected each other's space.  It's hard to say goodbye to one pet and even harder to have to do so twice within a short period of time. Jas, Angel you brought so much joy to your family, we will always remember and hold you close to our hearts. We love and miss you !!!

Jasmine   Angel


Lily (2005-2019)

Lily came to her home and stole her mom's heart. She was a very loving social kitty; when she was not at her mom side she loved lying in the sun or you may find her sitting in her favorite spot by the window looking at the outside world or she may have been admiring her reflection in the window. This beautiful girl will always have a special place in her mom's heart. 



Emma S 

Emma was a sweetheart of a dog who loved a good snack. She was gentle with all people and animals yet built like a tank. She was a consistent companion. She is greatly missed.



Bentley S

Bentley joined our family when he was 2 years old. We were blessed with 14 wonderful years. His high but gentle energy is missed. He is no longer in pain and is chasing frisbees in Heaven.



Chuck Z ( 2006- 7/23/2019)

This young man loved his mom, he took his position at the window anxiously awaiting the first glimpse of her as she came up the sidewalk. Chuck instinctively knew the time she would be coming home and was there to greet her. She loved him just as much and did everything she could do to keep him happy, contented, safe and pain free. Chuck you were a ray of sunshine and will forever be loved.


Gypsie S (2004-7/19/2019)

13 years ago Gypsie chose her forever home and has shared and enjoyed a wonderful life with her family. She went on many camping & fishing trips , spent memorable times with her housemates, loved belly rubs and of course tasty treats. She lost her vision about a year ago and quickly learnt how to compensate. As her health declined her mom, Mary, kept the promise she made to Gypsie the day she brought her home, ' to love and take care of her and never let her suffer..'. .. her mom kept her promise last Friday evening as she held her beloved girl closely to her chest as she transitioned  ........

Always love you Gypsie girl !!!


Sadie Mae C (2003- 7/13/19)

Beautiful Sadie Mae has been a loyal, loving companion and July 13th, 2019 her family had the hardest decision to make....they said goodbye to their beloved girl. The bond they had was very strong and little Sadie Mae has left a huge imprint on their hearts. You are one of a kind Sadie  Mae !!



Snickers S (2003-2019)

Snickers enjoyed being close by her family; whether it was at home lying around or on their camping trips up north, she was within a few feet from them.. She could find a cool spot under a shady tree and have her quiet time or have a stroll on the beach with her paws in the water; she enjoyed her family as much as they enjoyed having her by their side. We will always love you Snickers


Rudi H (2005-6/2019)

Rudi, is missed terribly by her mom; they spent many hours building a strong loving bond. As much as it hurts to say goodbye, it was more difficult to watch her loving companion refuse even her favorite treats. The memories they made will be forever treasured. 


Cody P 

This handsome young man had his own chair where he could survey everything that was going on around him; He was a loyal, loving companion to his family. On 6/6/2019 Cody peacefully fell asleep in his home. Cody you are truly missed by everyone, family, friends and neighbors.


Ashton O ( 2004-20190)


Ashton was a proud mama's boy.He was devoted to her as she was to him.' My little boy was sweet and funny ', his mom states. Throughout his health challenges Ashton's loving personality was unchanged. Mama  loves you and misses you everyday Ashton!! 


Suki V (2004-5/20/2019

Suki, a very social girl has been a faithful companion, enjoying wonderful times with her family. She only slowed down as her vision dimmed. It was a very sad day when her family said goodbye to their sweet little girl. You are one of a kind Suki !!! 


Jessie B (2004- 5/17/2019)

Jessie a bright eyed, focused lady will be remembered for the time she generously & lovingly shared  with three generations of her family. 

We love and miss you Jessie


Prince G 3/15/2019 

Love you! Always! And Forever!

Mama's Lil Prince Charming

You always somehow made wrinkles look fabulous .....


Toby B (2011-2019)

Toby, beloved companion was with his family a short while however he left many wonderful memories that the family will always treasure. Toby you will be forever be in our hearts.


Ginger McD (1999 - 2/21/2019)


Ginger, 20 years old was a graceful, elegant and self assured kitty.  She was such a joy to the family. Her mom wrote, 'we miss her terribly'


Sabrina S (2004-1/29/2019)

fondly known as Weiner and Weenie


Her mom writes, at the adoption center she was one of two adult black cats nobody wanted; her eyes cried out to me.

She climbed a bunk bed ladder happily, to be a pillow for my son.She loved laying in the sun and rolling in the grass when we were outside. She was a talker and she let you know what she liked and what she didn't like. Weenie enjoyed being brushed and could jump four feet into the air playing. Most of all she loved us and we were blessed to be her caretakers who loved her. We miss you Weiner


Rosie H (2002-12/19/2018)

Rosie, and her brother Miguel, came into my life exactly when I needed them. They brightened up every day and brought limitless love.

Rosie, aka  Rosie Bud, my sweet little girl, you did not know you were a cat ( and I was not about to tell you otherwise). You loved a good belly rub and were never short of forehead kisses. You always knew when I was having a bad day and how to make me feel better with your warm snuggles and soft purr. I am so happy that I had the privilege and joy of sharing part of life's journey with you.

Your brother and I miss you, every day


Shaney Marie Y (2003 - 9/18/18)

Shaney Marie, a precious little girl has left her pawprints on her mom's heart. 


Duchess D ( January /2000 - October/24/2018)

Duchess was just the sweetest kitty. She gave us everything we asked of her and more. She was a tough little gal who fought through many challenges. She loved being brushed, sleeping on or next to us and waking us up at night to be fed and petted.

We were very fortunate to have her with us for 16 years of her life. We are very appreciative of the care that Dr Inniss, Jen and others gave to her in her last few years.  RIP little baby. You earned your wings !!!

Rory and Carol 


Jasmine (Jazzie, Jazzie Boo) Inniss


Ms Jazzie came into my mom's life as a 2 year old pup. She was a calm, loving, cuddly pet who bonded closely with my mom. She was her constant companion, travelling from Utah to Wisconsin and on to Georgia. When my mom was ill Jazzie was always by her side; when mom passed away, a few days later Jazz was pictured staring at mom's empty chair.  She missed mom.

Jazzie lived with my brothers & sister in Georgia then moved back to Utah to live with my sister. As the years passed she lost her vision in one eye and then the other. Recently she started having seizures. My sister was with her on 10/22/18 when she took her last breath  and went on to be with mom.

We all love you Jazzie Boo and are happy you are back with your favorite person, mom


Danni M. (2004-10/16/18)

 October 16th, 2018, Danni lost her ability to use her hind legs; being an active and independent pet, her dad knew that she was not going to get up on her own again. She was not interested in her favorite food or treats, she only drank her water. Her warm jacket and leash were nearby but Danni showed no interest in getting up to go out. With a heavy heart her Dad said goodbye to his beloved girl as she rested next to him.

She's such a special girl, my Danni, I'll miss her, I'll always love you Danni said her Dad. 


Brock (2005 - 2018)

This handsome fellow was an incredible companion and a perfect addition to our family. The way he always looked at you directly in the eye made you instantly feel calm and at ease. Brock was a very loyal and lovable protector. No amount of time with him would have been enough. We miss him immensely and will smile upon every reminder that greets us.

We love you broccoli Bear !!

The Andrew -Derrow Family


Jewel G

This gorgeous girl, Jewel, brought much joy and happiness to her family. She shared many years making wonderful memories her family will forever treasure. She was a true 'jewel'. You will be in our hearts forever Jewel.


Maggie C

On 9/29/18 Maggie's family was by her side as she rested in her bed under her blanket. It was difficult to say goodbye however it was harder to watch her body unable to function as it should. Loving, wonderful Maggie will always be close to her family. We love you and miss you Maggie!!


Gracie C (2005-9/24/2018)

Gracie came into her mom's life at just the right time. She was not only her companion pet she was her service dog. Gracie was very good at her job and helped her mom through a very tough patch. For the last10 years, they formed a strong bond. 'It's going to be hard being alone, she has taken great care of me. Best dog ever '.  Mom cradled her precious girl as she gently fell asleep. 


Squiggles J ( 1996-2018)

Squiggles spent most of his 22 years with his family enjoying Packer games and making lasting memories that his family will treasure forever. This quiet, shy guy is missed by his entire family


Samson D

On October 19th, 2017, Samson's family said farewell to their beloved companion; it was a difficult day for everyone, simple because they could not imagine not having him around. This strong, stoic loving guy left many wonderful memories for his family to treasure. Love you Samson.


Buffy L

 Buffy, a mama's girl, this little princess loved to go for walks; as she got older the walks were shorter but still enjoyable. She was her mom's constant companion. It was a very sad day when her body failed her and she could not go on. Buffy, mama misses and will always  love you !!! 


Walter D (2003-2018)

Walter a cute fluffy youngster who enjoyed his meals. Over the years he continued to enjoy his meals, daily walks and spending time with his family. On June19th 2018, his family said their goodbyes to their loving, loyal companion. Walter you will always be close, we love you and miss you!!!, Your family


Corey C

These photos have captured a glimpse into the wonderful life of Ms Corey Mae; a curious youngster in her backyard, a young adult enjoying a fresh ear of corn, a  lady waiting for her car ride, an energetic Corey diving off the pier and a beloved companion getting a well deserved rest. She was the constant companion to her dad who will always have her close to his heart. 


Jake B

From a few months of age to July 8th 2018, Jake has been a beloved companion to his family. A gentle, laid back, loving, good boy, his family said of Jake. Saying goodbye was heart breaking, however the wonderful memories they have shared will be forever treasured. We will always love you Jake!!


Dusty A (1998- June 2018)

This handsome young man enjoyed his daily walks, good food and his warm blanket. After being together with his mom for 20 years, Dusty is greatly missed. Always love you Dusty!!!



Amelia H

This little girl had a very tough journey before she became part of her forever family. She faced many challenges however she was showered with love and care by her family who adored her and will always love her 


Maxwell & Vincent 

Best friends sharing a quiet moment . Both of these boys passed on within hours of each other.....


Vincent fondly known as Vinny (1998-2018)



Sharing a tender moment 



Roxie S  (2005-2018)

Roxie loved to be comfortably snuggled in her blankets. She was and will forever be daddy's girl. 



Daisy J ( March 6, 2005  -  March 9, 2018)

Daddy's Baby Girl


Cody P.    02/10/2003  -  02/07/2018     


We had a good life together and you were a perfect match with our family. 12 years of walks, rides in the car, fetch and loyal companionship seem way too short. We love and miss you buddy !!


Ginger (2004-2018)

Ginger came into our lives almost 14 years ago when we adopted her from the Illinois Doberman Rescue. The breeder could not sell her because of her unique coloring.That is when our unique journey with Ginger began. She progressed quickly through her training classes. We were encouraged to enter Ginger into Obedience training. She took 1st place in all the Obedience trials she entered. Ginger was introduced to a therapy Organization, Healthy Healers through her Obedience trials.She went through more training and became a Certified therapy dog. 

As a therapy dog, Ginger visited elder care facilities such as Luther Manor & St Camillus. She won over the hearts of many residents, bringing smiles to their faces. Faces lit up when she came to visit and many even remembered her name. As a therapy dog, Ginger also participated in the After School  and the Reading to Rover programs.

Ginger eventually retired to live out the rest of her life as the faithful companion she was when she first came home. She brought much joy to us and everyone else. She will always be loved and is sadly missed. 

We thank Dr Inniss for her kindness and compassion she showed toward Ginger and us during this difficult time. We were blessed to have her with us when Ginger crossed the Rainbow Bridge.



Neeko Z (2010-2018)

Mama's boy, handsome Neeko. Strong, stoic and will be forever young. Love you, Neeko!!


Alice L (2002-2018)

We will always remember our silly, precious, beautiful girl who brought so much love and laughter to us for 15 years. She was truly one of a kind and will be terribly missed by all who knew her. Thank you for everything, sweet Alice!

Diane, David, Katie and Amanda


Boomer S (2001-Dec 2017)

Over the years this handsome, young man has had his share of ups and downs. He was a member of a loving home. He lost his long time companion, Bridgette about 1 year ago, lost his master John early 2017; He was close to his mom Judy and share his home with another Basenji. Boomer was always surrounded by family who adored him. Boomer you were/ are a true companion


Mickey S

A faithful companion, beloved Mickey ' was with me through the loss of my husband and my move to a new home. He was, as our pets are, always close by ready to give affection and love. Our pets ask for little and they give us so much', his mom writes. The ability to have him at home when he transitioned made a difficult day a bit more bearable. 


Chloe H

Beautiful, loyal, happy are a few words to describe Chloe. She was a member of a loving family; everyone was heartbroken to say goodbye to their loving companion. The memories they made over the years will be forever treasured by everyone in the family. Chloe you are  truly missed.


Yoda became part of his family as a senior; even though he was not with the family in his puppy or adulthood he bonded so well that you would think he was always there. His size, nor health did not hinder him in any way, he did everything that he could with gusto. Yoda passed on in July, 2017. The memories he left will be treasured by his family.


Brutus S

Brutus's family will treasure the wonderful, times they shared with their faithful companion. Loving, loyal, friendly are a few words to describe him. He will forever be part of the family. 


Princess S 

Her name says it all, she was the 'Princess' of her home. She was part of a family who loved her as much as she did them; They could not bear to see their beloved Princess in constant pain, they loved her enough to let her go in peace and comfort of her home, surrounded by her family. The times shared and memories made will  always be close to their hearts. 


Frodo  B

 In these two photos, Frodo shows sheer pleasure enjoying quality time with his mom. They spent time visiting his favorite park, hiking, taking time to enjoy the view of Lake Michigan; when he could not do it on his own he got his 'wheels'; his big smile shows pure pleasure and contentment. Frodo maybe gone physically but the memories will last forever. 



Gideon  D

Gideon's family said their farewell to their beloved boy 0n 9/12/17. He had many favorite spots however this spot under the table was by far his favorite.



Beloved KC, fearless and headstrong will always have a special place in his family's heart. Miss you KC


Maxie L.

Maxie was by his family side when they all said goodbye to their beloved Katey. He may have been heartbroken, just like the rest of the family. His mom & dad had to say goodbye to Maxie a few months later. You've been a faithful and loving companion Maxie and we will always love you.



You left us too soon. The girls will always love you. We miss you.




Roberto T. (1999-7/21/2017)

This handsome fellow was his mom's constant companion. There was no doubt that he loved his mom. When his health began and continued to fail,  she made the painful decision to let him go peacefully at home. Roberto rested comfortably in his mom's arms as she lovingly said her last goodbye. 


 Lady Latte' G

Poised and sitting like a lady, beautiful Lady Latte' was an integral part of her family. With a heavy heart her mom said her her goodbyes in the comfort of her home on 6/15/2017. Beloved Lady Latte' will always have a special place in mom's heart


Zena A. was adopted into her family from the Humane Society as a youngster and spent the rest of her life loved and pampered by her family. She did not hesitate in letting you know that she disliked having her nails trimmed. When her health started to fail, she was very cooperative in taking her medications; in spite of her mom's diligent efforts her health continued to decline. Her family sadly said their goodbye to their beautiful Zena on the evening of 5/27/2017. 


Axel M (2011-2017)

Axel enjoyed going on hikes in spite of the weather conditions. The beach, the woods, hiking trails were places where you could find him in company with his sister Stella & mom. Loyal, loving and engaging he will always have a place in his mom's heart. Axel you are truly missed.‚Äč



Harley J (2004-2/26/2017)

'My handsome boy', his mom calls him; Harley looked forward to his daily walks, his trip to the groomer, getting a new squeaky toy, ice cream treats and most of all the company of his mom. He adored her. His kitty companion, Rosabell cuddled next to him on many occasions. Losing him has left a huge void in his home. Harley left many fond memories for the family to always cherish. We love you 'handsome boy'



 Marley P

These photos captured Marley doing some of the things he enjoyed, sleeping under the covers, ( blanket on his head), spending time with his sister Mckenzie and dressed up in his Halloween costume. Marley was with his family for a short while and together they made many wonderful memories. These memories will be held close to their hearts and will be treasured forever. We love and miss you Marley. 



Dudley R (2002-2017)

Dudley was small in stature but filled his home with lots of love. As his health declined, his family noticed that he could not enjoy the many pleasures he once did. With heavy hearts, they held him close and said their goodbyes to their beloved boy. You are a special boy and will be forever in our hearts.



Rocco M 

I always loved this picture of Rocco. He was just starting to lose the feeling in his back legs. This is one of the last pictures I took while he was still capable of standing. He really was such a sweet, amazing, smart and loving boy. He couldn't hear but listened better than any dog I ever had. I'm so grateful he was brought into my life. I have many wonderful memories with him. I miss him dearly.

Thank you for being so kind and gentle with him in our home and also with me. Thank you for helping me get through saying goodbye to him, for understanding how much a dog can mean to someone and they are truly a family member. It was so nice to be able to have him go in peace in his own home, where he felt safe, comfortable and loved. Thank you for providing this service in our home. I've had to go through this with several other dogs and they were not as peaceful, comfortable or calm.

Thank you 

Vanessa M.




Young, strong Chester's life was short however he was loved by his entire family. Chester will always be close because the memories he made will be there forever.



Baxter's family said goodbye to their handsome boy a few years ago. 'I still miss him everyday" writes his mom. Memories of their beloved boy will forever be in their hearts



Schatzie (2001-2016)

Schatzie W. has been a loving companion from the moment she came home as a young beautiful fawn colored pup. As the years went by, she faced a few medical problems that her mom diligently handled and Schatzie was so energised that you would hardly believe she was up in years. At 15 years old she had outlived many of her breed. Having to say goodbye to her beloved Schatzie who was her constant companion, was one of the most difficult decisions her mom had to make. On 12/3/2016, she passed away quietly at home. Miss you Schatzie !!



Zack came to his family as a little bundle of joy. He grew acquiring the magnificent coat that was something to see. Zack was part of  a loving home and family. With heavy hearts and deep sadness his family said their goodbyes early evening of 1/1/2017; they could not allow their beloved Zack to suffer. Memories of Zack will always be close by. We miss you Zack !!



Pearl (10/8/2000-12/23/2016)

Tiny toy poodle all-black Pearl came to us small enough to fit in one hand 16 years ago. Within 6 months she had achieved an exquisite silver coat- a specimen to behold and she remained beautiful, retaining her tiny perfect little physique of 3.5 # for her lifetime, despite a lifelong habit of scrounging for the tiniest fallen tit-bits on the kitchen floor, but she never let her size slow her down. She was a little lady through and through, tough and loyal to her family throughout her very long life. In recent months she became a very stooped arthritic little old lady, blind, toothless and increasingly disoriented, but her little heart just kept ticking beyond its prime. When she started loosing her balance more and more frequently a few weeks ago, we prayed she would simply go in her sleep, but she just kept plugging along. When we woke up one day a week ago we saw in a flash that it was time to make that hard call to Dr Inniss. Pearl died peacefully in our home through her care and compassion, 2 days after we called, two days before Christmas. Today Dr Inniss brought Pearl's ashes home to us and we together placed them in a beautiful antique gilded perfume bottle. Little Pearl has left a big hole in our family, but lady that she was led us (we know) to who could potentially be her legacy even before she left -tiny teacup Charlie. Charlie is due to arrive in 3 days. He will help to ease the pain, but our tears will not stop as there will never be another Pearl. Thank you with all our hearts Dr. Inniss

Eileen and John Jones



Tori was the first rescue cat I,(John) brought home. She was petite and feisty. Tory's health faded in 2015, when she was 18 years old; I felt the pain of saying goodbye to my beloved girl, I didn't think I had the courage but she was no longer the Tori I knew. I was comforted in my other kitties especially Rihanna, fondly known as ReRe, who was close to Tori. In 2016, ReRe started to favor her left front leg. I got the bad news that it was bone cancer; amputation was not an option because of the location. When her pain medication did not alleviate her pain any longer, I had to make the decision to let her go; On 12/13/2016 she passed away quietly in my arms. Needless to say I felt the pain of separation once again. Saying goodbye to the girls was one of the toughest decisions I ever made. My comfort is that they are together again. 

Tori (1997-2015)

Rihanna aka ReRe (2000-2016)




Snowball's family said their goodbyes Sept./2015. Everyone in the family was devastated including his long time companion, Tigger. He left a void in the home.

Tigger, Snowball's companion left his family on 12/22/2016. The whole family is heartbroken; they are comforted in knowing that he is now reunited with his buddy, Snowball.

Snowball & Tigger you will be forever in our hearts.




Butch S was an integral part of his family. Over the last 12 months he faced a number of medical challenges however he remained stoic and responded to his dad's voice and touch. Butch you will always have a place in your dad's heart.




Lucky P was a special young man who had his favorite spots to lie, sit, relax. He was loved and will be sorely missed by his entire family especially his companion Eeeps, who has been looking for him. Lucky you will always be loved by all.




Beautiful beloved Shadow B enjoyed being with her family; she wore her Packer colors on game day. Her family said their goodbyes to her in the comfort of her home. She left an imprint on their hearts and  will be loved forever.



Gorda B (2009-2016)

Gorda spent her 7 years loved by her entire family. She was truly a wonderful companion. Her family was by her side throughout her illness and at the very end of her life. Memories of her will always be foremost in their minds because she was a part of the family. Gorda you will be loved forever.


Beaumont (2004-2016)

Beaumont doing what he loved -playing with his Kong and just hanging out in HIS backyard. We were lucky to have him in our lives, states Maureen & Bruce. We miss his enthusiasm. His strong personality was what made him so special, he will be sorely missed.


 Sammy (2003-2016) 

This gentle giant, Sammy, was loved beyond measure. He enjoyed being outdoors especially when the temperature dipped; his thick coat a perfect covering for the cold. His mom & dad had the difficult task of saying goodbye to their beloved Sammy on 9/30/2016. Memories of Sammy will be forever in their hearts.



This close knit family said their goodbyes to their beloved Noots on 9/25/2016.

'If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever' is inscribed on his memorial plaque; and certainly was meant by each family member. He is gone but the happy memories of him will be forever in their hearts.



Mandy Marie B  (2003-2016)

Dear Dr Monica,

Thank you for your outstanding service with Mandy our beloved. From the first time you entered our home, you have been compassionate, caring and very understanding. You not only helped our 13 year old Mandy have peace on her last day but also extended that peace to the family that loved her so much.

We cannot thank you enough for making Mandy's last days peaceful ones. We miss her terribly, but, we feel that your humane process eased our grief considerably.


Debra & Randy


Tommy 2013-2016

Tommy was injured when he came into his family's home from the outdoors. He was nursed back to health and took up permanent residence inside without the desire to go back outdoors. He loved his family and they adored him. With sadness and heavy hearts they said their goodbyes to this wonderful soul  when he developed a medical condition that was untreatable. His time was short but the memories will last forever.

Love you Thomas



Geri and her family said goodbye to their beloved MayLea on 7/25/2016. She was such a gentle, lovable companion. She is greatly missed but has left many wonderful memories. You are missed MayLea..


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