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On behalf of the staff at Our Pets Our Family, 


We are honored to pay respect to our beloved animal friends who have passed.  We also welcome you to create a lasting tribute for your beloved pet or animal friend on our website's Pet Memorial page. Please feel free to complete the following Pet Memorial Form in Adobe Acrobat format, which requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Pet's Prayer

Lord thank you for the family you gave me

I hope I brought joy to their hearts and many smiles on their faces

They loved me the moment I came home until I took my last breath

I may have left a few paw prints and hair around the house so they will remember me.

Let them not be sad too long but let them know that they are the BEST FAMILY ever


Dr Inniss (2015)




Tigger 1997-2016

After nearly 19 years filled with beautiful memories, this handsome guy is now getting the peaceful rest he deserves. Tigger was there for us through every adventure and heartbreak that life threw at us. He is missed greatly and will live on in our hearts and fond memories. We love you baby boy !!

-The Andrew Family



Tulip Anne Miller (9/2013-7/14/2016)

Tulip rescued us when we were grieving the passing of our cat. Tulip was unique in every way: big girl with a hound coat, walked with a trot that went to the beat of her name, and loved just being a goof ball. Tulip adored her brother Spencer and watched over him the moment he came home. She would herd him and allow him to do anything to her. Tulip was one of those puppies who just wanted to be loved and returned the love 10 fold. We will miss our Tulip but we know that she is in a much better place.

Thanks Dr Inniss for your flexibility, understanding, empathy, professionalism, and guidance in helping us make sure Tulip passed on with dignity. Your care and patience made this sad experience so much sensual, peaceful, and loving than the traditional experience.

Again thank you so very much.

Megan, Jacob, Spencer, Lily and Peekaboo Miller



Ivy B (1999-5/31/2016)

Memories of Ivy will be full of love for all the joy she brought to her home. You are missed Ivy.

Dr Inniss

On behalf of Ivy and her family I want to thank you for making her last moments as comfortable and as painless as possible. From the day she came to us her health and comfort were paramount to us.

I have always thought of her as a lost soul, who had found a home. She was well cared for she was loved, and she full-filled her potential. She gave more than she took and we will always remember her with love.

Once again Doctor I want to thank you for your kindness and compassion at a difficult time.


Ivy's Family



Annie C (2003-2016)

Mom & Dad said their goodbye to their  beloved Annie on 4/27/2016. She was such a big part of the family that there is an void left in the home and hearts. Annie will be forever loved. We miss you Annie



Echo Z. (2004-2016)

Echo Z.  Came to his family as a pup, they shared 12 wonderful years together. His favorite chew toys were rocks, thankfully he never ingested any. He was always full of energy and happy. The whole family will be missing this remarkable guy.We will always love you Echo



Caesar S  (1999-2016)

Beloved Caesar loved a cozy fire, a catnap in the sunshine and was always ready to travel. He was an integral part of his family and will be in their hearts forever



Cassidy M (2003- 4/24/2016)

Beloved Cassidy was a very social and happy girl until a week ago. Her family who knew and loved her saw the changes in her demeanor. With heavy hearts and tears of love they said their goodbyes to their beloved Cassidy. She will always be close to their hearts. You are missed Cassidy.



Duke W  (2000-2016)

Duke's mom writes..

'Duke was the most lovable and sweetest dog we ever had. He never caused any problems and always listened to what he was told to do. All he wanted was to play with our children and make us happy.

His older sister passed away at age 12 on our wedding day.

Duke was diagnosed with cancer of the mouth, face and head, in August 2015. He underwent surgery with no complications, surprisingly for his age.

On St Patrick's day 2016, Duke woke up and already decided it would be his last day here with his family. He lived with us for 15 years 3 months and gave us much joy and so many happy memories. I laid on the floor with Duke for 10 hrs, petting him, talking with him and kissing him, letting him know it was OK to go by his sister.

We found Dr Inniss DVM and were so happy that she could come to our house and offer such Considerate, Caring and Compassionate care to our beloved Duke, as well as us, his family members.He went peacefully in our home. She treated Duke with such love, as if he were her pet, and that is what made us feel so much more relaxed. it was such a blessing to have Dr Inniss here for Duke in his final moments of life. She took him with her, still showing such compassion for Duke. She called 2 business days later and brought him back to us, his family.I will forever remember Dr Inniss and how she made us feel. I will recommend her to anyone in a similar situation.We have 3 other dogs and will for sure be calling Dr Inniss when they are ready to leave this world.

Thank you Monica Inniss for all you do for ALL PETS. You are a blessing sent from God and your work has made the end of life for many families and their pets, a much more relaxed and peaceful moment. I will never be able to tell you how much you mean to our family.

Thank you.

Travis, Carrie, Michael & Paige Wehner

Nadia, Lily & Buttercup (Duke's sisters)



Moki M  (3/16/04 -2/26/16)

Moki M  (3/16/04 -2/26/16). Smart, beautiful and loyal are a few words to describe her; She was one of a kind. Moki will be forever loved by her family.




Beloved Kimberly will be missed by her mom & dad. She lost her brother Gizmo last year and she went quietly in her sleep. We love you Kim.



Joey A

We miss you Joey.

Thank you for picking us to be your family. We loved you from day one and you will forever be in our hearts.

Your family.



Chelsea S.

Beautiful, very friendly mama's girl, passed away quietly at her home on 2/27/2016. Chelsea is missed terribly by her housemates and her mom



Caesar V (2002-2016)

Caesar V (2002-2016)  A very tough young man who defied all odds, he was not expected to live more than a few years, but the loving caring he got from his mom and dad kept him strong until his health started to fail. It was difficult to say goodbye to their beloved Caesar but they loved him enough to let him go. We love you Caesar 



Harley F (2007-2016)

Harley F (2007-2016), very social, calm and stoic; Even though he was going through lots of challenges he was the perfect gentleman. He will be forever loved by his family. We miss you Harley.



Kabeer J  (2007-2016)

Kabeer J  (2007-2016)  A very social, loving, calm young man whose kidneys failed him. Kabeer lived with his mom and housemates. He is missed terribly.




Beautiful Izzy sharing one of the many, many, tender moments with her mom.

Mom writes ' I sure do miss Izzy a lot, she's a soulmate to me' 



Sophie K 08/16/02- 01/09/16

Sophie you were born to chase the ball.

You shared your love with one and all

Now you're tired, achy and ready to rest

Our little girl you were the best.

Our thanks to Dr Monica for coming out late on a Saturday night, during a snow storm, to ease our pain and our Sophie's last moments. Her compassion and understanding made an ugly situation more tolerable.




Mom and Dad said goodbye to their beloved 'Peppermint Patty' in the comfort of their home. At 10 years 6 months, Patty enjoyed every moment with her family. Memories of her will be forever in their hearts. Miss you Patty





Harley's mom had to say goodbye to her precious 17 year old. He was such a wonderful companion. Harley you will always be loved




Otis came to his family at the age of 10 months. He was the third basset who was part of the family; He thrived under his loving family's care for the next 11 years. Otis we love and miss you ..




Fond memories of beloved Maddie will be forever etched in her parents hearts. She was truly a bundle of joy and unconditional love. Miss you baby,❤️❤️❤️




Sylvester spending quality time with his mom. This special kitty is missed by his family and everyone who knew him. You are a tough boy Sylvester, we miss you




16 yr old Asa was a daddy's boy. For many years they enjoyed their daily walks until it became too much for him. Asa passed quietly in his dad's arms in November 2015



Sam S

Beloved Sam S enjoying the beautiful day on the lake with his family. He was truly a member of the family.




Bridget came from a Basenji rescue group. She spent the rest of her life in a home where she was totally loved. She had her favorite spot on the couch and bed. Everyone misses Bridget.



Buster D

Buster D would have celebrated his 14th birthday in Jan 2016. He has left many joyful memories that are treasured by his family. You are missed Buster!!



Peggy Sue

Peggy Sue, a special kitty, beloved by her family. She will always be remembered fondly.



Scout S

Scout S loved the snow. She was a mama's girl.Scout you were one of a kind. We miss you terribly.




Azuba 'the praying kitty' loved to look through the window, that was her favorite pastime. Lulu her daughter was shy. and hid whenever anyone came to visit. The girls passed away within a year of each other, needless to say their mom was heartbroken.



Daisy S (daughter) and Abby S (mother).

Daisy S (daughter) and Abby S (mother). Photo 2  & 3 shows Abby as a pup and senior. Goodbyes are never easy, it is even harder when you lose your beloved pets within a short period of time. The girls are sorely missed.




Samantha, better known as Sammy stole her mom's heart when she came into her life. She spent many years bringing laughter & joy to her family. Sammy will have a special place in this home




Murphy came to his family bringing lots of energy and laughter. He was a perfect ft for his family. Murphy you are missed.




Molly spent her entire life bringing unconditional love to her family. Molly will always be close to her family



Rocky N

Rocky N loved his daily walks down to the lake. He even had his favorite spot. He was one special young man and will always have a place in his parents heart. Love you Rocky !!



Hudson K

Hudson K, a gentle giant is missed by his housemate and family members 




Capone, was the ruler of the house. He kept his housemates in line. He was the leader of the pack. 




Dear Dr Inniss

We would like to express our deepest appreciation for the very considerate and caring manner in which you helped us through a very difficult time and especially for your kindness, respect and very gentle handling of our dear female black Lab, Katey, through her final hour. She was a huge part of our family for a long time, and words cannot describe how brokenhearted we all are without her. We especially appreciate how you were also so kind to our chocolate Lab, Maxey, as he was very distressed and confused that day. Your giving us not one but two very precious chances to say our final goodbyes to Katey will never be forgotten.

We would also like to thank you for providing us with Katey's ashes so promptly and for the claw pawprint. We feel so blessed to have been her guardians, and are truly grateful that we were able to have such a caring person to guide us in giving her our final gift of love.

It has been a very difficult adjustment to make without Katey in our lives and will be for some time, but she left us with so many pleasant memories to comfort us that will remain in our hearts forever. Although she is our third canine family member who has moved on to the Rainbow Bridge, this part of pet ownership never gets any easier by any means. It takes a very exceptional person to offer such an important service to pets and their guardians, and you are a priceless credit to your profession.

Thank you again for coming to our aid at a time when Katey needed your help the most, and for your very gentle acts of kindness in guiding her on her journey to the Rainbow Bridge.


Marcia, Scott and Maxey L  



Annabelle 'Annie' 

What can you say about  a not so pretty not so bright dog that wins your heart with her sweetness? When people would visit , she would go from person to person and gently crawl on their laps for attention. A guard dog, an instigator, a loving companion that will be greatly missed.

Love you, Annabelle 




Rocky stole his mom's heart the moment he came into her life. He is gone but the memories of his special bond will last forever




Beloved Casey brought joy and laughter to her family. She has left many memories that will be cherished forever





Saying goodbye to beloved Charlie was one of the toughest decisions mom and dad had to make. He was such a gentle and brave companion. Memories of him will always be close  



Xena and Hercules

Xena and Hercules aka Herc S were so good together. Xena the older of the two showed young Herc the ropes and even when he grew much bigger she still let him know who was in charge. They meant the world to their dad and the plaque expresses clearly the deep bond they shared. They will forever be in his heart



Emma & Gracie

Emma and Gracie, sisters, loved going up north and spending time outdoors with their dad. The girls were inseparable. They passed on within a few months of each other. Dad will treasure the precious memories with the girls 




16 year old Buttercup spent his senior days sitting in grandpa's lap looking at their favorite TV programs. He was a quiet, loving gentle kitty.




 Velvet, beloved by her family. She was a gentle little one who will be remembered fondly




I still miss George. I do remember how kind you were to George and myself. Thank you again for all of your caring ways. Christine T

George came to his mom as a young pup, grew into a very social adult. When his personality and gait changed his mom knew something was not right. She knew she had to let him go because her George was in too much pain and nothing was going to help him