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Things To Consider

Pre-planning for end of life services for our beloved pets may be a difficult task, but in the long run it helps make an emotional time a bit more tolerable.

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Things to consider are:

1. Is there a specific time/day that is convenient for your family?

2. Would you want your pet to be cremated privately, and have his/her remains returned to you?

3. Would you want your pet cremated and not have the remains returned? The remains will be taken care of by the crematory staff.

4. Would you want your pet buried in a pet cemetery?

5. Would you like to transport your pet to the crematory or have the crematory staff transport your pet? Arrangements can be made with a local crematory for this service. 

6. Would you want a paw print or fur clippings?

7. Would you like a specific type of urn? (Additional charges will be incurred)

8. Would you like some remains in a keepsake urn, pendant, keychain? ( Additional charges will be incurred)

9. Would you like your pet's photo & story on our Memorial Wall? Send us the photo/photos with your pet's story to vet@ourpetsourfamily.com


As pet owners we have an option of saying goodbye to our beloved pets in the comfort of our home/ backyard/park or favorite location. While euthanasia is one of the toughest decisions we will make for our pets, having a veterinarian come to our home helps to make a tough day more tolerable.

We are able to share this private, intimate moment of our grief with family, friends and everyone who loved this special member of our family.

The veterinarian will administer two injections. The first is an anesthetic which will be combined with a sedative and muscle relaxant; it is given under the skin using a very small needle. Your pet will be sedated within 5 to 20 minutes. When your pet is totally relaxed/sedated, the second injection, (the euthanasia solution), will be administered in a vein. Your pet is heavily sedated therefore he/she will not feel this injection.

You will have time to say your goodbyes. 

When all the family members and friends have said their goodbyes we will  transport your pet to a local crematory or pet cemetery where your pet will be:

-privately cremated  ( your pet is cremated by himself/herself and the cremains /ashes are brought home to you in 7-14 business days ) 

-group/communal cremated ( your pet is cremated  together with other pets); the crematory will take care of the final disposition of the cremains 

-burial ( you will make all arrangements with the pet cemetery)

We understand the pain of losing a beloved pet and we will be there with you during this difficult time. We encourage you to grieve/mourn your pet. This is a normal process when you lose a beloved family pet. Talk with family or friends who understand this bond. Celebrate your pet's life. Create a slideshow of photos to tell your pet's life story. Talk about the precious memories you made over the last  week, month, years... remember your beloved companion. The pain of your loss will fade over time however the memories you made together will always be there in your heart.

There are local grief support groups that you can attend to help you understand these overwhelming  emotions. There are also grief counselors /therapists who can help individuals who feel they need to talk with someone one on one rather than in a group setting. Use the support from family and friends.


Lord thank you for the family you gave me

I hope I brought joy to their hearts and many smiles to their faces

They loved me the moment I came home until I took my last breath

I may have left paw prints and hair around the house 

So that they will remember me

Let them not be sad today or tomorrow but let them know

That they were the BEST family ever

Amen (Dr Inniss 2015)