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 Our Pets Our Family LLC is a mobile veterinary service that caters to companion animals in the comfort of their home.

Some pets get extremely stressed in the veterinary clinic therefore we feel we can serve them better in an enviornment where they are most comfortable. Other pets are unable to walk without experiencing pain and discomfort therfore it is much easier for them to be examined at home. Some pet owners are unable to take their pets to the veterinary clinic therefore it is an honor to be able to serve them in their home

The services we offer in the home are wellness examination, preventative care, parasite prevention and control, nutritional counseling, microchipping, collection of samples (blood, feces, urine ) for analysis, pain management, hospice care and euthanasia

There are times when our pets do need care that can only be done in a hospital or emmergency setting; therefore we will work with you in getting those necessary services.

Our mission is to help our pets live a healthy, comfortable and happy life; after all our pets are our family

Dr. Monica Inniss
Milwaukee Veterinarian | Our Pets Our Family LLC | (414) 303-2504

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